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Are you struggling with social media? Limited time or expertise to manage your online presence? Want to grow followers, boost engagement, and increase brand visibility?

About Me

With a keen eye for details, a creative mindset, and excellent communication skills, I possess the ability to craft compelling marketing strategies and create appealing content that resonates with the audience.

I understand the challenges of pursuing dreams and the relentless effort required to achieve our goals every day. While striving for my own dreams, I currently work at the nation’s largest television networks. As an editor-reporter and a call-in show editor, my reports are seen by millions. I started my business during the pandemic, building from scratch, and I firsthand know the challenges it can bring. Having someone provide support and guidance similar to what I’ve experienced would have been incredibly valuable for small business owners on their journey. That’s why you can benefit from what I’ve learned – I’m ready to share my experiences with you.

Tell me, what difficulties do you have to face? What obstacles do you encounter while trying to turn your dreams into reality?

I’ll be here to empathize with you constantly, aiming to be the supportive partner you need.


My Expertise

What I Do


WordPress Web Development

Crafting a WordPress website is like building a strong online foundation for businesses. It all starts with a friendly chat to understand what's needed. The site's look and feel are then tailored to match the business's personality. After that, we fill in the content and visuals, making sure search engines will love it too. Think of it as planting key phrases in the right places and giving the technical bits a tune-up. The result? A WordPress wonder that's easy to spot on search engines, bringing in more visitors and opening doors to new opportunities.


UGC Content Creator

Engage in UGC (User-Generated Content) as a skilled content creator. Explore paid collaborations for effective promotion of services and products on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Excel in producing video content that captivates audiences and drives engagement. Paid collaborations with individuals and companies Promotion of services and products on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Video content production


PPC Manager

Our PPC management service optimizes online campaigns for maximum ROI. Our skilled team meticulously crafts and monitors pay-per-click strategies, targeting relevant keywords and demographics. Through continuous analysis, we refine your campaigns for peak performance, ensuring cost-effective results and enhanced visibility. Partner with us to harness the power of data-driven PPC management and drive targeted traffic to your business.


PPC Ads Management

Customer Name: Active – Webshop

Business Sector: Webshop – Dog Products

Growth: Google Shopping Campaign: 18x Return on Investment.

Customer Name: Active – Financial Client (Confidential)

Business Sector: Finance

Growth: $1.08 million spent on advertisements in just 4 months A renowned financial brand in the USA aimed to boost lead generation and front-end sales. In a brief 4-month period, our campaigns generated 40,712 new leads and 2,715 direct sales. Our “HyperGrowth” campaign strategy utilizes Google Display and YouTube channels.

Customer Name: Active – Healthcare (Confidential)

Business Sector: Healthcare

Growth: $459,000 ad spend and a steady 4.15 ROAS A healthcare brand operating in the USA has long been striving to enhance sales of its healthcare services through Google Ads.

We’ve generated over 1.9 million visitors and achieved 9,235 front-end sales for our ongoing client. In our “ninja” campaign strategy, we utilize Google Search, Google Display, and YouTube services.

WordPress Development
wordpress weboldal készítés
wordpress webshop készítés
wordpress weboldal készítés


I’m here to boost your brand’s exposure, increase website traffic, and create potential leads, all aimed at helping you effectively reach your marketing objectives.


Tailor-make a package that suits your exact needs from the range of services I provide. You’ll get precisely what you require, ensuring a seamless match for your demands.


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WordPress Development

  • Create with Elementor
  • Design Customization
  • Responsive Design
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PPC Ads Management

  • Manage the ads account everyday
  • Sharing fresh ideas every week
  • Keeping in touch regularly
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